Great Food for Poor Lazy People (I guess that means us)

I hope none of y’all are on Atkins, because you can make and eat perfect bread for no work and hardly any ingredients/money. I, for one, would pick a great loaf of bread over a hunk of meat any day (and mind you, I love meat).

No-Knead Bread:
flour, water, salt, yeast + oven, dish towel, ceramic casserole + about 15 minutes of work + nineteen hours of neglect = crusty, supple, fragrant miracles

“This story may very well change your life. Since late November, I have baked about 100 loaves of nearly perfect bread… We baked them faster than we could eat them–even though they were fantastically good to eat and even though bread is the best of all possible foods. We ate our freshly baked, crisp, round bread all by itself, still barely warm from the oven, and we ate it slathered with fresh sweet butter and homemade conserves or with rare white honey from Hawai’i, and we crisped it into unparalleled toast, which we anointed with costly olive oil or with dulce de leche, and we transformed it from its doughly state into beautiful pizzas. You could do worse than live on a diet of bread alone.”
— Jeffrey Steingarten (one of my favorite food columnists who also happens to be one of my least favorite people in New York), from the May 2007 issue of Vogue, talking about Lahey’s recipe.

*Jeffrey also suggests improving Lahey’s recipe by adding more salt and folding the dough in thirds both ways to form the loaf.
** the other guy in the video, Mark Bittman, has been featured on Wesleying before: How to cook in a minimalist kitchen

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