Wanted: Subscription Manager

Mollie Laffin-Rose ’08 sends in this new Argus job opening:

The Argus is looking for a new Subscriptions Manager. The person will be in charge of keeping track of, mailing, billing, and especially acquiring more subscriptions. Subscriptions are mailed once weekly, with the Tuesday and Friday issues together. The manager should be very reliable, organized, and independent, working almost completely autonomously. This is a great position for those interested in advertising, business, finance, management, and postal services (not the music group).

IMPORTANT: -The Subscriptions Manager must commit to a year-long position. Sorry, but students who will be abroad in the Fall cannot apply for the Spring, and vice-versa. -This is one of the very, very few paid positions on the Argus.

If you’re interested or have any questions, please e-mail us at argus@wesleyan.edu with the subject line “Subscriptions Manager.” Please respond early; if you join the staff, you may be able to return to campus early and run a Subscriptions table during New Student Arrival Day, which is Tuesday, August 28. (This means beating the upperclassmen move-in rush in early September.) Thanks!

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