Xiaoxi gets Vagina Power

Before introducing the real topic of my post I must tell you a story:

This weekend, I lost my dignity. Without going into too much detail, I’m just going to say that it had to do with a boy, a drunk dial and a few booty calls. Oh, and I threw in some tears, too. Anyhow, you’ll be glad to know that his number is no longer in my phone. In fact, I even took him off my recent calls list, so there’s no way for me to call him now. Ever.
Unfortunately erasing his number did not help me get my dignity back. Neither did spending an exorbitant amount of money the next day and calling it “retail therapy.” Not even consumerism and the global commodity chain could help me. I should’ve known: has Das Kapital taught me nothing?

At length, a ray of hope:
Alexyss Tylor, the harbinger of truth and Vagina Power. I watched the video on YouTube (this show actually aired on a TV station in Atlanta). Reader, I invite you to feel it with me:

Most hipsters would regard this little video as ironically funny, but I believe that it is, truly, poignant. I still don’t have my dignity back, but Alexyss has helped me learn from my past and move forward with an empowered Vagina. Thank you.

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