A little dose of class and pretense: Free concerts at MoMA

Here’s something that I consider extremely exciting and would jump on in a heartbeat… but then again, Xue did tell me that I’m the most pretentious person she knows (and keep in mind she knows Adam Fishman ’09**).

MoMA’s Summergarden concerts: Free but Still Pretentious

Lincoln Center Jazz and the Juilliard School are putting on free concerts in MoMA’s sculpture garden (speaking of which, do go see the Richard Serra exhibition there if you haven’t already). It’s been going on for a while, sorry I didn’t post about it before. The last two concerts in the series are:

Sunday, August 19 8PM
The New Juilliard Ensemble plays contemporary classical music by composers Jukka Tiensuu, Andy Vorhes, and Paul Schoenfield. Knowing these people will put you one step above everyone else in Lucier’s Intro to Experimental Music class. If you ever want to impress somebody with your knowledge of new music and contemporary composers, mention any of the above, especially Vorhes–the guy doesn’t even have a wikipedia article!

Sunday August 26 8PM
Jazz Concert: Cyro Baptista’s Antropo-Fagia. Nothing says it better than MoMA’s own little blurb, which calls it “a musical manifestation of the process of eating, swallowing, and digesting all the tendencies that are part of the sonic landscape and our environment.” If you have the nerve to pretend to know what that means, don’t miss it.

**I mean that in the best possible way, Adam.

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