Don’t make your friends wait in the cold

Cold winter nights waiting outside your friend’s dorm while he/she made a run for the locked door were never fun. Now, thanks to ResLife and the Undergraduate Residential Life Committee, those cold winter nights of waiting are no more:

During the Spring of 2007, the Undergraduate Residential Life Committee (URLC) agreed to allow Wesleyan students who live in residences with card access, to request access for their building be given to students who live in a different residence. Each resident can request access for a maximum of three students…

I guess now you’ll get to see who your three real friends are! The ResLife flier continues:

The resident accepts joint responsibility for the student who has been granted access. Additionally, the resident can revoke approval for access at any time by contacting Residential Life.

I guess now you’ll also get to see who your enemies are!

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