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Paul Cao ’08 sent us a tidbit we haven’t heard before, plus the answer to the Wes <3s Herb mystery:

Former Employees Sues Wesleyan (8/8/07) – Hartford Courant

“A female Wesleyan University employee disciplined in 2005 for using an expletive during a clash with a co-worker is now suing the university, alleging she was harassed and discriminated against because of her gender.”


Wesleyan “Hearts” Herb painted over the Foss Hill over the summer is a reference to Herb Kelleher. The point being that Herb Kelleher, being the famous alumni founder of Southwest Airlines were visiting various aircraft engine makers such as GE and Pratt & Whitney in Connecticut, to make a decision on what jet engines Southwest would make a purchase on. Wanting to please the “big-man,” one of the engine companies decided to fly Kelleher over the Wesleyan campus where in a combined effort between the company and the Wesleyan’s administration to both get a piece of the financial “action” from the Southwest coffer, to let the old man take in the “Wesleyan Hearts Herb” on Foss Hill down below.

As a result, the phrase “Wesleyan ‘Hearts’ Herb” was referenced in a corporate news bulletin seen by tens of thousands of Connecticut employees working in an Hartford office.

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