Oberlin History Degree for Sale

Some dude is so unhappy with his liberal arts degree, he’s selling it on the school’s classifieds page:

OC History Degree
I graduated from Oberlin in December of 2005 and my degree was mailed to me as I had little interest in returning to the school for graduation ceremonies. Since graduating I’ve found that I can’t seem to make my degree work for me. I’ve taken it to a number of specialists but to no avail. My guess is that its simply a broken unusable degree so I figured I’d sell it. The original cost was around 140,000 dollars. I’d be willing to let it go for about 5000 dollars. Don’t be alarmed at this enormous drop in value, I simply need to be able to pay for food and a place to stay and five grand should get me by for about 5-6 months. Perhaps you’d have better luck in making this Oberlin College degree do something other than occupy space in a 7 dollar CVS brand frame.

my email is snotssnail@hotmail.com

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