ATTN: Wesleying Staff

Okay, this is probably the least professional way to do this. But please, please, please read this.

We have long failed to keep track of who actually writes for Wesleying. And, so, dear contributors, we need your help.

The following people:

Please e-mail me with your Wesleyan e-mail address! We are in the process of setting up a shared folder from which everyone can read and delete from the Wesleying gmail account via the webmail interface, since it’s a hassle to log into it all the time. It’s all ready to go, but I need your webmail usernames. It’s totally my bad that I haven’t kept up with this. But yeah. E-mail me. xsun@wes.

If your name isn’t listed above, log onto Webmail, go to Folders, and subscribe to “Other Users.xsun.Wesleying”. Taa-daa! (You’ll have to refresh your e-mail client, if you use one.)

This will be painless, I promise.

Oh, and you can unjoin the Google Groups.

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