Campus Progress Course Catalog Contest

Our pal Thomas Coen ’07 at Campus Progress sends in this neat contest:

Win $250 in the Campus Progress Conservative Course Catalog Contest

The corridors of right-wing power are looking pretty empty these days. Conservatives, from Rumsfeld to Rove, Harriet to Hastert, and now Al “Mr. Memory” Gonzales, are getting fired or fleeing their jobs faster than you can say “mandate” or “mission accomplished.” But don’t get too excited — unless you’re David Horowitz. Because, as they say, those who can’t do, teach. Karl Rove already has announced his intention to do some teaching. More and more right wingers may soon be pontificating at a college campus near you, and their next nefarious scheme may be how to administer a particularly nasty blue book exam.
So Here’s Your Homework

Campus Progress wants you to write the next course description for our Conservative Course Catalog, whether it’s for Ann Coulter’s Diplomacy, Newt Gingrich’s Defense of Marriage, Lewis Libby’s How To Shape Press Coverage, or Larry Craig’s Airport Restroom Etiquette.

For more info click here.

Deadline for entries is September 30th.

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