Gag Reflex Auditions

Austin Purnell ’08 sends in this piece of magic:

“There comes a time in every person’s life when he/she/ze must ask hirself whether he/she/ze wants to remain a blind and compliant drone, destined to wander the directionless void of people, (who actually take their free time seriously) doomed to soak up the dregs of that swamp of disillusioned boredom that is the blurry period between four o’clock and midnight, during which only clandestine and dedicated few, a proud group of theatrical elites known to the commonfolk only as Gag Relfex finds itself quietly planning the next stages of human intellectual advancement. Ask yourself this question. Do you want to want to be a part of the comedic movement that is taking the world by storm?

GAG REFLEX: WESLEYAN’s Best-looking and Longest Running Long-form Improv Comedy Group will be holding AUDITIONS on Friday 9/7 and Saturday 9/8 in the Usdan Multipurpose Room. On Friday, show up anytime between 4:30—7, and on Saturday anytime between 2-5. No preparation or prior experience necessary!!


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