Hello! Points Spreadsheet!

Ask and you shall receive! Wesleying’s new hero, Matt Bush ’09, just created the ultimate point spreadsheet for us all:

This worksheet can do everything the old ones did, and more. If you’re on the all-points plan, and just want to know how many points you’re “supposed to” have at this point, then you don’t have to do anything. BUT, if you’re on a different meal plan, just change the value next to “How many points do you have?” to the number of points in your meal plan (conveniently supplied on the worksheet).

But wait, there’s more: Suppose you say to yourself: “Self, I’m not satisfied with just knowing how many points I’m “supposed to” have, I know that today is September 6th, and I have 1200 points left, I want to know how to ration my points so that I end with just the right amount.” Well now you can! Just enter the pertinent information next to the two questions at the top, and voila! it calculates how many points you should have left at the end of each day, and it’ll even tell you how many points you’re averaging per day.

Thanks Matt! You rock!

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