WesWELL Peer Health Advocate information meeting!

Where: WesWELL solarium – the 2nd floor of the health center
When: Sunday, September 16, 2007 at 4pm

So you’ve heard of the giant vulva, the massage workshop, the water-filled condoms, the sexpo, and everything the PHAs do. Want to become one? Being a PHA can get your ideas realized and enable you to be a resource for health information to all of your friends! Learn to lead workshops that teach students about sexual assault, sex, alcohol (what does a shot look like in a solo cup?), emotional health, and pretty much anything you want. You can also organize events, make zines or info sheets, build giant models of genitalia… anything YOU want to do to raise health awareness on campus!

Oh yeah, there’s going to be food at this meeting. Now you know you want to come!

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