Got turntables?

Phillip Schulze, a graduate composition student at Wesleyan, is trying to bring the musical group “Institut fuer Feinmotorik” from Germany for a concert in October. Problem: Technics MKII turntables are hella expensive to rent.

I promise nothing will happen to the turntables (I know that people that are lucky to own them, are protecting them like treasures) – the group is working since years with them and are really professional and nice in using them. And of course, they will bring their own needles and mixers.

More about the group:

Swiss-German sound researchers with an interesting, very effective approach to turntable manipulation: Using six to eight record players simultaneously, they play only the run-out grooves or labels of the records, plus generate tones using rubber bands, adhesive tape, and tooth brushes to tweak the phono cartridges and repeating lock-grooved records. The resulting sounds range from ultraminimal blipsnhiss to solid grooves not too far from Krautrock.

Check out their website here.

Can you help? E-mail pschulze@wes!

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