Northern Shaolin Kungfu Class

… taught by DAVID MOENCH 09!!!
For those of you who don’t know David, OR don’t know why you should take this class, here’s the deal.

David Moench is like Chuck Norris, only more badass. My freshman year, during Orientation week, when everyone was going on lame walking tours of campus, David went around with a grappling hook and scaled all the university buildings. David also plays guitar and makes the best pancakes this side of the Yangtze river. In fact, David can probably drop kick Chuck Norris while playing guitar and making pancake batter all at the same time. No joke.

NOW, David is offering to share his knowledge and take disciples. You simply can’t turn this down.

What: Northern Shaolin Kunfu class, through WesWell
Contact/Information: or WesWELL

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