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Hey guys! So how’s your drop/add finality working out for you? Gaaah.

Anyway, so two things about submitting the blog I’d like to reiterate for y’all.

1) We love posting stuff you send in. BUT we get tons and tons of emails. We want to post everything we get, but we’ve got two limitations, a comment and the recurrent recruiting of contributers:

  • Xue and I are still, despite our best efforts to get people posting, the primary bloggers (actually Xue more than me as of late). This is a problem as you might imagine the busier we get being seniors with grad school applications, thesis writing, etc, the less we can actually post. And the more stressed out we get because we can’t post. Which leads to angry emails about why we didn’t post something you sent in which only stresses us out more. You get the idea. Which leads us to my second point–
  • If you want us to post something here, help make our lives easier by providing a blurb about why your event is worth coming to or why this link is worth reading or why this video is worth seeing. This helps you because we’re sure you know yourself better than we do but it also helps us because it saves us time and makes it more likely to end up on the blog quickly. Help us help you.

2) We love you. A lot. Wesleying is an act of love. We appreciate all the nice compliments and encouragements we get in all your emails. You are all wonderful. With that said, I think we need to move away from an ACBesque attitude about the internet and start seeing this blog as something which can provoke discussion and community instead of “Ugh, he sucks” comments. Doesn’t really help anyone.

3) Lastly, of course, as always if you would like to contribute to the blog, drop us a line at

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