People + Alexis Gideon @ Eclectic

Is it a noise band? A pop band? Or is it just People?

The drum/guitar duo mine the bubblegum-pop end of the experimental rock spectrum, like a child prodigy who can solve complex calculus but would rather play with dolls. Mary Halvorson bangs on her guitar like the long-lost fourth Shaggs sister…Kevin Shea, meanwhile, makes as much noise as possible, ending somewhere in between banging on pots and free-jazz ecstasy. Deceptively simple without being especially deceptive.
-Philadelphia City Paper

Has been compared to BARR, Cex, and Danielson. Missing this would be stupid.

Self-described one man gospel-circus, cartoon-necessary schizo-rap New York hillbilly, aged and innocent provocateur, Alexis has emerged with the craziest music currently available, which is only to say it is the most familiar. Listen to him if you like it when a stranger composes movies in song about your secret life. From joy to mourning and back again and none of it harder or easier than it has to be. The most familiar music in America.

Date: Wednesday, September 26th
Time: 9pm – 11pm
Venue: Eclectic
Cost: $2

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