Medieval Movies and Munchies

Professor Will Eggers (who really wants you to call him by his first name) is holding a weekly Medieval Movie Night this semester. The series– which will include the likes of “The Princess Bride,” “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” and “Camelot”– will take place on Wednesday nights. Although the movies are in conjunction with his Medieval Myth and Legend class, Will stresses that all are welcome. Popcorn will be provided (with the possibility of pizza as well), and admission is free.

This week, take comfort in that fact that you’re not the only person who’s ever thought, “I bet foxes are the only animals in the kingdom with British accents!” The series starts with “Robin Hood”– the Disney (animated) version.

Date: Wednesday, September 26th
Time: 4:30 PM-7PM
Venue:PAC 004

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