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Some of the most interesting articles about Wes history from the NYTimes…

Rape Protests Bring Charges at Wesleyan – December 11, 1986

The Student Judicial Board at Wesleyan University has filed charges against six students, saying they interrupted campus tours by telling prospective freshmen and their parents about sexual assaults on campus. The board has accused the six of harassment, abuse and disruptions.

110 Protesters To Face Charges At Wesleyan U. – May 3, 1988

The police arrested 110 students blocking the entrance to a Wesleyan University administration building today, the 15th day of a protest by students demanding that Wesleyan divest itself of holdings in companies that do business in South Africa.

Student’s Arrest Leads to Debate On Drug Policy – November 19, 1989

For Wesleyan University, a crackdown of sorts on drugs has led to the arrest of one student and public debate over the university’s definition of where its responsibilities end and those of the local police begin.

Office of Wesleyan’s President Is Firebombed – April 8, 1990

The office of Wesleyan University’s president was firebombed early this morning by someone who threw two beer bottles full of flammable liquid into it through a window.

Racial Graffiti Found on Walls At Wesleyan U. – May 5, 1990

A basement dining room in the building that houses Wesleyan University’s Center for Afro-American Studies was defaced today by vandals who spray-painted racial slurs on its walls, further raising tensions on a campus that has had two firebombings in the last month.

At Wesleyan, a Day to Reflect on Racial Tension – May 9, 1990

Hundreds of Wesleyan University students gathered this afternoon on the broad campus green to sit and tell stories of hate and fear.

Dean Says He’s Leaving Wesleyan – June 10, 1990

The highest-ranking black administrator at Wesleyan University says he will resign in September, leaving behind a campus where complaints about the inability to recruit and keep black faculty and staff have fueled racial tensions.

Wesleyan Student’s Killing Is Tied to Drugs – July 15, 1990

A student militant at Wesleyan University who was once considered one of the university’s most promising minority scholars was killed during a drug deal, a police affidavit says.

Fraternities Face Renewed Pressure To Admit Women – September 23, 1990

Administrators at Wesleyan University plan to announce new steps intended to pressure the campus’s four remaining all-male fraternities to admit women as members.

An 18-Year-Old Pleads Guilty In a Bombing at Wesleyan U. – April 3, 1991

An 18-year-old nephew of a Wesleyan University professor pleaded guilty on Monday in the firebombing of the university president’s office. He acknowledged that he had planned the bombing with a student, Nicholas Haddad, who was slain last summer in a dispute involving a drug ring. Sudhama Ranganathan pleaded guilty to conspiracy, making bombs and arson in the April 7, 1990, bombing.

Wesleyan Raises Tuition – March 1, 1993

Wesleyan University students will pay more than $24,000 to attend the school next fall. The school’s board of trustees on Saturday increased tuition, fees, room and board to $24,170, a 5.2 percent increase over current charges. Rising maintenance costs and a greater need among students for financial aid were partly responsible for the increase, said William M. Chace, Wesleyan’s president.

An ‘Oh, Well’ For Wesleyan – November 7, 1993

For Wesleyan, the setting was perfect: The team was unbeaten through six games with two to play, it was homecoming day at Andrus Field before a crowd of 5,500 — big by Wesleyan standards — and a victory over Williams would have given the Cardinals their first outright Little Three championship since 1970.

Naked Dorm? That Wasn’t in the Brochure – March 18, 2000

Wesleyan University freshman, Martha Reicher, arrives at school to find she has been assigned to residence hall dubbed The Naked Dorm, because clothing is optional among residents; she finds very few students actually walk around naked, although students from other dorms regularly pop in out of curiosity; university officials say written rules do not specifically ban nudity, out of concern that anything so specific would only encourage it.

Wesleyan Students Walk Out – October 9, 2001

About 150 students walk out of classes at Wesleyan University to protest American and British bombing in Afghanistan

Wesleyan Students Charged – September 10, 2002

Eleven Wesleyan University students face criminal charges after police break up series of large gatherings that blocked streets

Dirty Sidewalks, or Just Naughty?; Wesleyan Halts a Campus Tradition of Chalk Messages – November 14, 2002

When sidewalk scribblings began to include vulgar references to specific faculty members, Wesleyan University banned the popular campus practice.

Are We a Match? – April 25, 2004

Finding one true soul mate can be tough in a world of fleeting hookups. Student-run personals try to break the ice.

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