S&C opening next week!

Nina Cohodes ’09 writes:

Here comes the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the Star & Crescent is opening its doors to a new semester of quality, professionally prepared food in a restaurant setting. We open Monday, October 1st for dinner.
The S&C hours this semester are:
  • Lunch, Tuesday-Thursday 12-12:30
  • Dinner, Monday-Thursday 5-7:30
Lunch is 8 points for a main course, sides and dessert.
Dinner is 10 points for a starting course (typically salad or soup), a main course, sides and dessert.
Every meal has both a meat and a vegetarian or vegan option. Menus are sent out Sunday evenings. To sign up for the menu listerv, email star.and.crescent.restaurant@gmail.com.
As always, the first three freshman at the door eat free. Please identify yourself to the Steward at the door to insure your free meal.
The Star & Crescent is located in Alpha Delta Phi (185 High St).

Questions? Comments? Want to know more about the S&C? Interested in buying a contract? Email the S&C email or the senior Steward, Nina Cohodes (ncohodes@wesleyan.edu).

I have the menu for the first week and it looks amazing. Stay tuned!
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