Do Yourself a Favor: Go To The Filmseries on Wednesday

What: A Totally Sweet Movie about A Totally Awful Place
When: 30 minutes too early, Wednesday Evening. (7:30pm)
Where: Where it always is.
Piece of stolen wit that made this worth posting:We bring you one final exercise in pessimism: “Chinatown“, Roman Polanski’s consummate film noir (and crucial quasi-prequel to “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?“). The shameless corruption and flagrant dehumanization on display in this picture rival only the construction and operation of the Usdan University Center in its scope and intensity. I don’t have anything novel to say about this film—it’s just perfect, and you should see it as many times as you can (especially on a big screen). It will reaffirm your belief that movies can whisk us away to an absorbing fictional world and at the same time harshly reflect the realities of our own historical condition.” –Melissa Tuckman ’08 [from argus]

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