Scientific Bonger

You always knew scientists could build sick bongs. After all what else are you gonna do in MB&B/Chem 420? But dude! How are we gonna smoke up in the MRI machine? I mean those THC pills don’t really get me high anyway! Leave it to Harvard to build a research bong (Wesleyan… where are you at? c’mon! Does no prof here want undergrad help designing scientific bongs?):

It’s not often one gets one’s bong in the scientific literature, let alone one designed to allow you to smoke weed inside an MRI scanner. A team from Harvard Medical School are interested in how smoked marijuana affects the brain, but have come to the inevitable conclusion that it’s actually quite hard smoking a joint when you’re lying on your back being brain scanned.

So the research team put their heads together (!), and realised they needed to design a bong – a water pipe for smoking marijuana – safe to use in an MRI scanner… The researchers tested their creation with a simple brain scan, declared the project a success and published their MRI-safe bong design in the medical journal Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior.
Link (Mind Hacks).

I wonder if they had to include in their discussion section something like, “That bong ripped like a charm, I was blazed as hell in that MRI cabinet!”.

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