Volleyball vs. Trinity

Shamelessly copied from facebook, but hear me out:

Wesleyan Girl’s Volleyball are playing the Trinity Cocks Bantams for a conference match. Come support their sexy asses (in spandex).

THE HAMMER shirts will be available for $7. Limited supply.

Also, if you cannot come to the game, it will be webcasted at 7:30 at www.wesleyan.edu/athletics/volleyball.

If you haven’t heard (and apparently rumor IS spreading), Wesleyan volleyball games are AWESOME! The team is really good, and it draws a ton of fans, including many in costume. It has all the best aspects of a pep rally, but with an athletic contest instead of BS. You should probably go.

Date: Friday, 10/5
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: Freeman Athletic Center (go in the front door and walk straight back past the hockey rink)

p.s. Sets/games are to 30, except for the 5th, which is to 15. The player wearing a different colored shirt is the libero, and she plays only in the back row, among other things I don’t understand.

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