Usdan designers

Laura Rubin ’09 had some free time and found the website of the architects who designed Usdan.

The design challenge is to consider all options from full reuse to primarily new construction, in search of a solution which provides the best campus and building design. Included in the considerations are campus linkages, building condition and type, building mass relative to existing structures, image, landscape orientation, cost, and the adaptive reuse of existing buildings if not included in the University Center.

It also says it’s slated to be completed in 2006. Ha! Ha!

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2 thoughts on “Usdan designers

  1. Braille

    A. their website SUCKS. i mean jesus fucking christ, you’d think that with their line of business they’d at least have images that you could discern the content of.B. … did i mention that the titles of the pages are things like “acalibnew.gif”??!?C. Pop Quiz: usdan or not? no these people.

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