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Some network advice from Ilaria:

“First it was error -36 where it told me that some of the information couldn’t be read. Now it is “Could not connect to the server because the name or password is not correct.” I did some research online, and it looks like the only thing that will allow the new OS X 10.4 Macs to connect is if the PCs change a setting listed below. I could also be doing this whole thing wrong, but no one seems to know how to fix it.”

Here’s the solution I found on the web. It might be potentially useful in opening up network access:

I am using XP SP2.
Do the following from the PC:
Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Local Security Policy

within that window go to Local Policies>Security Options

There is an entry called:
Network access: Sharing and Security Model for Local Accounts

Double click it. Select from the drop down menu: Classic – local users authenticate as themselves

Viola! You can now connect to your PC.

A webmail tip from Bex:

when using squirrelmail, you don’t have to type in @wesleyan.edu after everything! if you use squirrelmail and the receivers do too, you only need to type in the username. same goes for listserves, no @lyris.wesleyan or whatever. informing people may reduce incidents of returned mail due to misspellings of “wesleyan.”

Also, someone sent in a heads-up that \\HIVE has In Rainbows.

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