Gawker strikes again… and again… and again….

Tsk tsk gawker, you make fun of burning man and wesleyan at the same time? Why!!!!!!! Those places are so cool! I bet that took months of monkeys sitting at google prompts doing internet searches. How dare somebody on the internet be a turd-throwing-monkey! Let’s all go cry now because of that apeish bully gawker…

“The prize,” said the [ Gawker], “for the most annoying romance in this week’s [New York Times] ‘Vows’ [column] goes to the following couple,” and I’ll bet you can guess which newly merged partnership that was. It seems that our last names, composed of too many syllables, as well as my alma mater, Wesleyan; the place we fell in love, Burning Man; our mothers’ occupations as artists; and my husband’s employer, David LaChapelle—in short, the quirky graphed points of my life—added up to an unredeemably idiotic persona (the lesson here, at the least, is that talking to the Times’ “Vows” column is a dangerous act of amour propre)

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