Asian supermarket

There will be a bus-trip to A-Dong Asian Supermarket this Sunday at 12pm!

A-Dong is the closest haven of Asian food to Middletown. For the Asians and international students from Asia, an experience at A-Dong will certainly stir strong emotions in those who have been deprived of their favorite Asian snack or food for the past months or years. It will also be a great opportunity for those in the Wesleyan community who haven’t seen what an Asian Supermarket looks like to soak in the flavor and get some Asian snacks! There is also a really good Vietnamese restaurant next door.

In view of the International Food Fair next weekend, student groups are also encouraged to make use of this trip to stock up on necessary supplies.

In a nutshell:

Event: Trip to A-Dong Supermarket in West Hartford
Departure: 12 pm, Sunday, Oct 21
Location: Butt A carpark (first come, first served)
Arrival back @ Wes: 4pm
Cost: $3

Sponsored by Chinese House, AAA House, and Japanese Hall.

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