Talk and Discussion with Judy Dworin

Come to a talk and discussion with Judy Dworin, dance/theater artist, leader of the Judy Dworin performance ensemble and one of the creators of Time-In.

From the email being sent around:

“Judy Dworin and her ensemble led movement workshops at York women’s prison and worked with inmates to create a multimedia performance piece utilizing movement, text and song. On Saturday Judy will talk about her year and a half long residency at York, the making of Time-In and a more recent residency.”

Judy Dworin would also be performing tonight and tomorrow night at the ’92, and Susan Lourie (awesome dance professor) says that it’s going to be fantastic, so you guys should check that out too!

Event: Talk and Discussion with Judy Dworin
Time: 5 pm
Date: Saturday, October 20th
Location: Zilkha gallery

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