Antiwar Demonstration in New York this weekend

Join other Wesleyan students and fellow peace activists in New York City for an antiwar demonstration on

Saturday, October 27th

This demonstration is part of a national day of action demanding that the troops be brought home from Iraq now. There will be ten other simultaneous demonstrations in major cities across the country. The catastrophic Iraq War continues to devastate the United States and Iraq, depriving both nations of life and treasure. As congress debates whether or not to grant President Bush funds to continue fighting the war, it is especially important that we clearly demonstrate our demand to bring the troops home.

Transportation is being organized by Students for Ending the War in Iraq (SEWI). We will be selling round trip tickets for $20. We will leave Saturday at 9:15 AM and return the same day at 9 PM. To purchase a ticket or get more information, please email or stop by Usdan at lunchtime this week so we can collect your money. There are only 53 spots on the bus and tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

More information concerning the demonstration can be found at Oct 27


What: Antiwar demonstration
When: Saturday, October 27, 9:15am-9pm
Where: New York City and 10 other locations
How to get there: SEWI is providing transportation to New York

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