WSA Resolution and Climate Commitment Update

Okay, two things:

  1. On Sunday, the WSA passed a resolution that basically calls on the entire Wesleyan community to lessen our environmental impact. The WSA is going to be working with EON members and other students on concrete ways that the WSA can improve Wes’ sustainability initiatives and advocate for the environment within the administration. If anyone has any comments, concerns, or suggestions about the resolution (or anything Wes-related in general), contact WSA prez, Matt Ball (mball@wes), WSA vice prez, Emily Malkin (emalkin@wes), or the WSA Coordinator, Izaak Orlansky (iorlansky@wes)
  2. President Roth is signing the President’s Climate Commitment! It’s been a long and confusing process (that maybe isn’t over?), so if you’re interested you can check out this timeline/list thing I made in an attempt to make myself less confused. It sortof worked.
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