Bread Workshop

What: A Bread-Making Workshop
Where:Well-Being House
When: Today, Friday, @ 2pm
Why: Because yeast is this awesome awesome thing. I mean where would we be without leavened bread and beer? (Oh wait, it’s Well-Being house…) I guess if they’re doing sourdough its more lactobacilli and stuff like that, but yeast is still all up in that.
What I would like to see: Some crazy ass yeast strains from MB&B professors duking it out for the quickest rising bread/fermenting beer. Can we create the perfect loaf with biotech? Just hideously overexpress all of the glycolysis-pathway goodies? Maybe get the machine shop downstairs to craft some ultra-high tech stainless steel oven with ceramic plates to take the place of bricks in a traditional oven? No?

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