On tonight’s WSA agenda:

Want to see GRS changed? Curious about what’s happening with Davenport? Then get excited for tonight’s Wesleyan Student Assembly meeting. While President Roth is NOT coming as previously announced, plenty WILL be happening on the WSA front tonight. From an all-campus e-mail:

At tonight’s WSA meeting, Wesleyan Vice President Peter Patton will present Wesleyan’s current long-term strategic plans, and solicit ideas and feedback from students about proposed initiatives. He will be discussing, among other things, proposed curricular changes, the new Molecular Life Sciences Building, and the construction of the Albritton Center of Public Life.

We will also be discussing the future of the New York Times Readership Program and discuss potential changes in the GRS (General Room Selection) system , so please join us if you are interested in either of these issues. All students are invited to attend.

What: WSA Meeting
When: Tonight, 7 pm
Where: Usdan 108 (next to cafe on the ground floor)

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