Flosstradamus+ Leif / BluntForceTrauma – Sponsored by: ASHA

“2 DJs, 4 turntables, and lots of people getting buck on the dancefloor. Remixes, ReFixes, Tracks, Beats holla at cha boys..” –Link (Myspace).

Where: Psi Upsilon
When: Friday, November 9th @ 11pm-2am
How: Tickets on sale for $5 at Usdan 12pm-1pm and Weshop from 8-10pm all week starting tonight!
What: Ill dance party. Ill music. Sponsored by: ASHA.

Edit: Fixed Usdan selling times… and included who’s actually sponsoring the event…. (Sorry guys! It wasn’t included in the e-mail for the event!)

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