Earth House…again!

Wanted to get into the hipp(i)est program house but forgot? Don’t cry! Apply! Here’s one last chance to LIVE IN EARTH HOUSE NEXT SEMESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
“Earth House provides its residents with the opportunity to practice an environmentally conscious lifestyle. By being mindful of our principal interactions with the environment, namely food, water, waste, and energy use, we work to improve our relationship with the natural world and to model ecological living. As a community, we strive to support each other and educate ourselves about environmental issues, with respect for a variety of discourses. By designing and running programs, we seek to be available as a resource for information about these issues and an agent of change. We offer our space to house events that gather people for celebration or collaboration to further our vision for a sustainable society. Above all, Earth House exists to honor the interdependence between humanity and the natural world.”


Send to by Sat Nov 24th

Class Year________________
Student ID________________
Current Residence___________

  1. Why do you want to live in Earth House? What do you as in individual bring to Earth House? “Where are you coming from?”
  2. What program ideas do you have?
  3. Describe an experience you have had as a part of a community. How has that influenced the way you value community?
  4. Describe your living habits.
  5. What would your imaginary perfect roommate be like?
  6. Had any adventures lately?
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