Oops– the WestCo Guest Lecture Series

Ben Seretan ’10 sent us an email last week about the WestCo Guest Leture Series, and we totally missed it. Even though we didn’t get it posted in time for the last lecture, here’s some relevant info anyway:

WestCo Guest Lecture Series
when: Every other Sunday 10pm
where: WestCo lounge
blurb: Westco is proud to be in the midst of a guest lecture series, where we invite anyone and everyone to come speak on an area of expertise. Everyone is welcome to either attend or speak, and there are snacks. Fuck Yeah, right!? We’ve covered a variety of topics thus far, from Anarchy and the Prison Industrial Complex to Self Defense and a super secret Subversive Art movement. Plans for the future include Meditation, a Salsa Instructional, the history of the Straight Edge movement.

send an email to bseretan@wesleyan.edu. We are always looking for more lectures!

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