Open Spot in Film Hall

There is an opening next semester in Film Hall!

Do you want to:

– live on central foss hill?
– have a 92″ tv?
– be part of an amazing community of people?
– cook and bake lots of food with highly experienced film hall chefs?
– watch as many films as your heart desires?
– run really fun programs, and have a say in the planning of them?
– bask in the glory of our 15 foot long timeline of the rise and fall of lindsay lohan?

If you or any of your friends may be interested, email mlubrano@wes for a QUICK and EASY application ASAP! (or with questions about the opening)

*applications are due by Saturday, Dec 1st, don’t delay!

*freshman cannot apply. sorry freshman!

Thank you!

Michael Lubrano
Film Hall Manager

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