The Dirt

(some dirt)

Earth House’s lecture series, entitled “The Dirt,” continues this week. I can’t remember when the first one was, but here are the next two:

Second Installment of “The Dirt”
“Conservation of Food and Biodiversity in South American Rivers”–A lecture/discussion with (always lovable) Professor Chernoff about his research on river ecosystems, with an emphasis on their necessity to human societies.

What: Earth House Lecture
Where: Earth House (159 high street)
When: Tuesday (TOMORROW) at 8 pm

Third Installment of “The Dirt”
This week will feature Professor Sonia Sultan leading a discussion entitled, “Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Issues.” Earth House is the big pink house located at 159 High Street. Come and enjoy an intimate talk with Sonia Sultan before your Thursday night festivities! Treats will be provided.

What: Earth House Lecture
Where: …Earth House
When: Thursday at 7 pm

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