World Aids Week Events (updated)

Wednesday, November 28,
5:30pm, Beckham Hall

Free Dinner: Cornmeal soup will be served in solidarity with those in refugee camps around the world. Keynote speaker: Lisa Sharon Harper: playwright, ethnic reconciliation specialist, and exec director of NYFaith&Justice. Please invite your friends! People of all/none religious backgrounds welcome. AIDS affects us all – gather in solidarity, for awareness and action.

Wed 8pm, PAC001

Film Screening: “Philadelphia” is an Academy Award-winning film revolving around HIV/AIDS.
Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks), a gay lawyer infected with AIDS, is fired from his law firm in fear that they might contract AIDS from him. After Andrew is fired, in a last attempt for peace, he sues his former law firm with the help of a homophobic lawyer Joe Miller (Denzel Washington).

Thursday, November 29, 8pm, PAC004

Film Screening: “3 Needles” tells the stories of a Canadian porn star (Shawn Ashmore) hiding the fact he is HIV positive, a blood buyer (Lucy Liu) in China who fails to take adequate precautions with the blood, and Catholic nuns (Chloë Sevigny and Sandra Oh) caring for their HIV-infected patients in Africa.

Friday, November 30, 9-11am, Exley 339 (elevator to floor 3)
Videoconference with
five other schools and we will have a live chat with activists and students in African countries including Kenya, Mauritania, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Benin. The topic of the videoconference is the global AIDS crisis, specifically its effect in Africa. A wide range of topics will be covered ranging from the adverse effect of AIDS on development to what can be done to stop it. Wesleyan is going to be the main site, which is really exciting! There will be free Dunkin Donuts! Sponsored by Wes Americans for Informed Democracy and ASHA.

Saturday, December 1, 4-5:30pm PAC002

Come attend a talk about the history and future of the AIDS pandemic by an accomplished doctor who will speak to both current global and local issues. Hosted by Student Global AIDS Campaign and ASHA

Tuesday, November 27-Friday, November 30
In honor of World AIDS Week, the Student Global AIDS Campaign will be tabling in Usdan Tuesday through Friday, 11:30 – 1:30. We will be selling t-shirts that we made, so bring a few bucks! As part of a national SGAC initiative, we will be having people write messages to Congress about PEPFAR, the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. PEPFAR is up for reauthorization next year- we will be writing our demands for the new plan on socks, then sending those socks to SGAC’ers in DC, who will deliver them in laundry baskets to key Congress members. Our theme is “Air PEPFAR’s Dirty Laundry.”

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