"Pandra’s Sphere" looking for production crew

Julie Lam ’09 and Mark Procter ’10 kindly asked us to post the following text in full. So I did, after formatting it so it looks pretty:

Hello all,

We are looking for a production crew to join us for our forthcoming hip-hop dance theatre production, called “Pandra’s Sphere.” We’re planning on having the show in the ’92 Theater on one of the weekends in April 2008.

The approx. 45-minute production is primarily comprised of eight individual but linked dances and spoken word. The storyline contains elements from Pandora’s Box, Curious George, West Side Story, and Stomp the Yard. There’s gonna be hip-hop, there’s gonna be breakdancing, and there’s gonna be other crazy stuff, and it will be awesome.

We’re looking for people to fill these positions:

  1. stage manager
  2. lighting designer
  3. lighting board operator
  4. sound board operator
  5. set designer
  6. run crew (2 people)
  7. costume designer (optional)

If you’re interested in working with us, or want more information, contact us at tastetherasa(at)gmail.com and/or mprocter(at)wesleyan.edu. If you know somebody who might be interested, please mention it to them.

If you don’t want to be on crew, but do want to dance; don’t worry. We’ll tell you when it’s audition time.

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