One more chance to get your moan on. Formally, that is.

So that when you visit your high school in January to talk about extra-curriculars at Wesleyan, all the awesome kids will apply here and the rest will run off to Princeton. Or something.

“People of all genders and comfort levels welcome!”

Emily House ’09 writes:

Yes, sad but true: this THURSDAY (Dec 6th), we’ll be holding the LAST MOANING WORKSHOP OF THE YEAR. Don’t cry, don’t beat your breast and tear your hair, but please do come!

We’ll be meeting at 8 p.m. in Woodhead Lounge (ground floor of Exley, right next to the glass hallway connecting with Shanklin), so come with a blindfold of some kind (if you don’t have one, one will be provided), a healthy set of lungs, and, as ever, a sense of fun. It’s time to MOOOAAAANNNN!

For those of us who have not yet attended a moaning workshop, here are some things to be aware of:

  • This is not a how-to-do-it-right tutorial. At all. The point of the workshop is to create a safe space where we can talk about moaning and play with all types of vocalization without being afraid of others’ judgments.
  • This is very much an individual experience. Contrary to what people have assumed, we do not sit in a giant circle, watching each other vocalize. Interesting idea, but incorrect. The setup of the workshop allows for a very personal yet simultaneous collective space, given the use of blindfolds and group noise.

The workshop goes something like this: after establishing workshop expectations, we’ll be talking about the politics of moaning, followed by doing a series of ‘get in your voice, get in your body’ warm-ups. Then we’ll find individual spots in the room and go through vocalization/moaning exercises, and will conclude this extravaganza with a debrief.

To recap:
Who: You (and because this is so much better the more people we have, be shameless and INVITE OTHERS)
What: Intro Moaning Workshop!
When: Thurs (12/6), 8:00-9:30 pm
Why: Because things like this are what brought you to Wes.

Questions? Feel free to contact Em House:

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