Gag Reflex Show!

Mary Lauran Hall ’10 brings us science! Sort of:

Researchers at the American University in Cairo recently published a study in which it was found that humans aged 18-25 experienced drastically improved study skills (heightened concentration, increased brain activity, especially acute memory) for up to seven days when exposed to moderate to high levels of long-form improvisational comedy. Researchers determined that the study group with the most benefits had witnessed long-form type improvisational comedy in an environment with two elevators and a marble floor and then experienced prolonged exposure to short-form improvisational comedy (also known in some English vernacular as “improv”).

Clearly, in order to improve performance during exam time, everyone should come to the GAG REFLEX READING WEEK SHOW TONIGHT, at 8 PM, in the SCIENCE CENTER LOBBY. The person who is most fucked with work to do wins a bottle of Southern Comfort!

Date: Tuesday, Dec. 11 (Also known as tonight!)
Time: 8:00 PM
Location: Science Center Lobby

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