Introducing ModMyLife

Alex Rosen ’08 writes in about ModMyLife:

This summer, I worked for an early stage startup in New York City called (I still do work for them when I’m not working on my thesis). I think its pretty cool, and something the Wesleyan community would dig. Basically, it is a live mobile streaming video site where you control what goes on in the video. Users are able to submit suggestions (mods) for what they want to video participants (modstars) to do. Everyone votes on what they want to see happen, and the winning mod gets sent to the modstar each round for performance. As you can imagine, it leads to some pretty hilarious situations sometimes and some crazy stuff being done.

We just opened for public registration, so people should be able to get on. We usually have a mod session every night at 8, and the schedule is on the front page. It has been getting some press lately, and we’ve been pretty excited at how fast its been growing.

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