Vowellettes Write-Up

Dan Barry of the Hartford Advocate writes in:

“Hiya! I’m the local music columnist for the Hartford Advocate. I also happen to live across the street from Wes on High St. I put a paragraph about The Vowelettes’ performance at the Bayit in my column this past week”:

“After slipping home for a quick snack and a glass of wine, I headed out towards Main Street, only to be waylaid by an unexpected party. The crazy kids at the Bayit, Wesleyan’s Jewish culture house, were throwing an all-night concert in their living room. The Vowelettes, so named because all their names start with vowels, were playing country and western tunes to an adoring crowd. With an accordion, violin and tuba on top of their regular rock instruments, they sounded like an indie-twang hydra heralding the destruction of modern country schlock. They may have been covering Dixie Chicks, but their amazing vocalists made it sound more like Mirah.”

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