the power of the Spoon

As much as I’m all about discussing meal plan math (I do think it’s important), I really feel like “the power of the Spoon” needs to be fully explored. Can we just establish that it’s a little funny that they gave us wooden spoons? I mean, I feel like a campus email probably would have done the trick. Anyway, I quote:

“Bon Appétit is pleased to empower the holder of this Spoon with the ability to take any action necessary to ensure that the quality of our food services meets and exceeds the highest standards.” (italics mine)

ANY action? Hmm…
Given the broadness of the power of the Spoon, I invite you to submit some sort of documentation of you or someone else wielding the Spoon. This opportunity is too ridiculous not to take…so go ahead, make use of your new wooden cutlery and send me a picture. Or not, whatever (it’s late on a Friday and I’m trying really hard not to study).

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