U.S. News and World Report poll update

Amid swirling rumors of Wesleyan students rigging the election in our favor and Paper Trail editors rigging the election to make us lose, the contest for the Best Alternative Media Outlet over at the U.S. News and World Report’s Paper Trail blog drags on. And UMich’s OTR blog is in first place, after an offer to buy everyone a puppy.

While we won’t be offering you a puppy, we will offer you an update on the action:

  1. UMich’s OTR: 38%
  2. Wesleying: 30%
  3. Columbia’s Bwog: 16%

Whether the poll is rigged is still up for debate, I guess, but if you haven’t voted, we’d still appreciate a click. Because really, how many of those puppies are going to end up in good homes?

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