Acronyms are stupid

Where are you going? Now you know. Classroom locations ahoy.

ANTH = Anthropology Department
ASN = Art Studio North, Center for the Arts
ARTS = Art Studio South, Center for the Arts
AWKS = Art Workshops, Center for the Arts
BTFD = Butterfield, Lawn Avenue
CAMS = Center for the Americas
CFH = Center for the Humanities
CHPL = Chapel
CINE = Cinema, Center for the Arts
COL = College of Letters, Butterfield C
CROL = Crowell Concert Hall
CRT = Court Street (English Department)
DAC = Davison Art Center
EAST = East Asian Studies Center
FAC = Freeman Athletic Center
FISK = Fisk Hall, High Street
HALL = Hall-Atwater Labs, Church Street
JUDD = Judd Hall
MST = Music Studios, Center for the Arts
OLIN = Olin Library
PAC = Public Affairs Center
PSST = Pine Street Studio (Dance Studio)
RHH = Rehearsal Hall, Center for the Arts
RLAN = Romance Languages, 300 High Street
RSC = Religious Studies Center
RUSL = Russell House, High Street
SCIE = Science Center, Church Street
SHAN = Shanklin Labs, Church Street
THEA = Theater, Center for the Arts
TST = Theater Studios, Center for the Arts
VVO = Van Vleck Observatory, Foss Hill
WMH = World Music Hall, Center for the Arts
ZLKA = Zilkha Gallery, Center for the Arts

EDIT: Still can’t find your class? Leana points you to the complete building code list.

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