Why the name ‘Wesleyan’?

We all know about the other Wesleyan schools around the country. But it’s not just copycat collegiate institutions that are using the name ‘Wesleyan’. Sharing our name is The Wesleyan Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Explaining why they chose the name ‘Wesleyan’ for their church, former General Superintendent Melvin H. Snyder writes:

The term Wesleyan has come to stand for a definite, theological position among theologians and Bible students. In fact, it is the most significant and meaningful term used in describing the doctrinal position of those churches which properly may be called holiness churches. However, it must be clearly understood that the name was not chosen to honor a man. Were John Wesley now living, he would vigorously protest the use of his name in any institutional designation. Yet he himself would not be able to change the historical and theological connotations that now surround his name.

Snyder goes on to say that Wesleyan theology is so called because it “stands for Universal Grace,” it “proclaims Assurance of Salvation,” it “declares the Possibility of Holiness,” and it “warns of the Need for Faithfulness.”

Want a picture of Wesleyan life that you won’t find in our Admissions brochures? Check out their Wesleyan Life magazine. There’s even a Wesleyan Hour radio show. Though, much to my dismay, it looks like there aren’t any stations broadcasting it in Connecticut.

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