Ned and Kumar Come to Wesleyan

This Friday there will be a rally for Barack Obama held in Exley 150… with campaigners/rabblerousers 2006 CT Senate nominee Ned Lamont and actor Kal Penn of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and The Namesake fame coming down to tell us why we should vote for this guy.

Kal Penn has been doing the rounds for Obama in Iowa, Nevada, and South Carolina for the past several weeks, and Ned Lamont, who, if anyone remembers the November 2006 Senate elections, was really popular among students in his bid against Joe Lieberman, is now joining him for a whirlwind tour of Connecticut universities this weekend (FYI: They’ll be at Yale by 6, in case you’re REALLY into the campaign process. Or uh, really into House).

For more information on Barack Obama and his stance on key issues

The Connecticut primary is next TUESDAY, February 5th, and we [Students for Barack Obama] will have voter registration cards for everyone who didn’t get their absentee ballots in on time, Obama signs and buttons, and sign up sheets if you’re interested in helping out the Obama campaign over the next week.

Get excited!

The event is going on:
Friday, February 1st

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Science Tower 150
See the Facebook page here:
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