A wonderful appeal for Orientation Interns

Johanna Richlin ’08 inspired me with her impassioned story about being an Orientation Intern, and so obviously I am happy to post the contents of the email she sent us:

I was one of 5 Orientation Interns last summer, and it was an incredible opportunity to get to really know this place behind the scenes. While interacting with administrators, faculty, and students, I was able to put together events of my choosing, as well as collaborate with others on how to introduce Wesleyan to the incoming class of new students. At the end of the summer, I felt immense pride in the work that I did, and the relationships I had created. As a graduating senior, I can safely say that being an Orientation Intern was one of the best decisions of my Wesleyan career.

I strongly encourage others to get involved in this way, and check out the job description posted here.

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