Barn dance this Saturday night

Anna Roberts-Gevalt ’09 writes:

in the spirit of barndances past, (in which dances at the turn of the century were places of rebellion, of rowdiness, of drunken fights, of hollering and general chaos not unlike the spirit of the mosh pit), we bring you this dance.

the band? a hard driving old time band (remember the powder kegs who came in the fall?) driving up from west virginia: the fox hunt (myspace) the twist? these guys began their musical careers as heavy metal/punk musicians (myspace) who have recently turned to playing banjoes and fiddles and upright basses with similar vigor and attitude.

the dance? a mixture of old dances with space for more downright boogie-ing and hoe-downs. there is absolutely no experience necessary.

followed by a music party at outhouse. there will be more dancing, more partying, and live music and jamming at outhouse following the barndance. musicians are welcome to bring their instruments– guitars, fiddles, banjoes, basses, etc. some more local oldtimey musicians (myspace, another punk/oldtime band) will show up and jam to increase the craziness and the music making!

Date: Saturday, Feb. 2
Time: 8:00 – 11:00 PM
Location: Beckham Hall

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4 thoughts on “Barn dance this Saturday night

  1. Anonymous

    OHHH the can kickers are from new london and totally fucking rock!! Really rowdy ho-down music!

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