In memory of the fallen

A student requesting anonymity writes:

I’ll be doing my best to send you the names of the brave men and women who have fallen in the past week. Regardless of our feelings on the war, these heroes have no choice in being there and the least we can do is honor them.

I think it’s important to honor those who have given their lives in the service of our country (you can imagine where I stand in the debate currently going on here), and so I will be posting these in their memory, as this anonymous student sends them to us.

Danny L. Kimme, 27, Army Private 1st Class
David H. Sharrett II, 27, Army Private 1st Class
John P. Sigsbee, 21, Army Specialist
Richard B. Burress, 25, Army Specialist
Jon M. Schoolcraft III, 26, Army Specialist
Justin R. Whiting, 27, Army Staff Sergeant
James M. Gluff, 20, Marine Lance Corporal
Michael R. Sturdivant, 20, Army Sergeant
Tracy Renee Birkman, 41, Army Sergeant
Duncan Charles Crookston, 19, Army Private 1st Class
Robert J. Wilson, 28, Army Staff Sergeant
Mikeal W. Miller, 22, Army Sergeant
Alan G. Rogers, 40, Army Major

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